« I love to feel the effect of profound breathing

as it creates space between the cells. »

Catarina Rosa

It is through breathing that 
mouve starts. A bit less than a movement (lighter, smoother, less definitive) : a subtle, almost unnoticeable yet fundamental move, that creates the difference between full and void, between surface and volume, between shade and light.  

The rules of the game are often a same yellow rectangle. The small traits it is made of are its "cells", that live in the breathing of the artist. Every inspire sets in a contraction and the cells cluster. Every expire sets in relaxation and the "cells" expand and spread in space, like sound waves. 
Breathing creates space : a new space to draw.... and the yellow rectangle blossoms radiantly. 

The rhythm of her breath inspires Catarina Rosa with clear, light and intelligible shapes. Her hues are only a threesome of colors used to draw with tiny regular needlework. However, their simplicity is their complexity as the relationship between the shapes and colors continues to surprise by its inventiveness. The rectangle is developed with many possible overtures. Deconstructed and reconstructed in an unexpected sequence of embroidered choreography.  

mouve, is yellow shifting in green. A counter-mouve, and green is blue. Another little mouve and the drawing becomes a sculpture. The sheet of paper is a new place to explore for the thread, in tension, as if facing a weaving loom... and the dance resumes in a perpetual mouve

                                                                       Cecilia Braschi

                                                                      Art Historian and Independent Curator 

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